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We offer capacitors which are totally dry units with no impregnation or insulation liquid and is a patented design. They are designed by assembling individual single-phase coils, coupled in a delta arrangement to obtain a three-phase unit.

The coils are produced from two films of polypropylene with zinc plating on one side:

• The metal plating forms the electrode

• The polypropylene film forms the insulator.

Features of vacuum technology capacitors

  • Vacuum technology capacitor: The coils are coated in vacuum by a patented vacuum potting technique thereby no air or humidity remains close to the coil. The vacuum potting ensures longer service life and excellent over voltage and over current features compared to other capacitors

Casing: Non Inflammable- self extinguishing Polyurethane resin-resistant to all solvents and atmospheric agents such as Rain, Sun, Salty Air etc.

Insulation: Double insulation-6kv/25kv level (Class 2) -No earthling needed. Provides total safety for personal.

Modular: The modular design facilitates quick and easy assembly of individual units to obtain various Kvar outputs.

Ambient temperature: -40/+55° C for all powers

Permitted casing temperature: 80°C max (anywhere on the case)

Watt losses: Less than 0.3W/kvar including discharge resistance

Max admissible voltage:

Ucn+18 %( 24 hours daily permanently)

Ucn+20 %( 18 hours daily)

Ucn+30 %( 12 hours daily)

Ucn+50 %( 8 hours daily)

Max admissible current: 2 times nominal current permanently

Inrush current withstand capability: 400 times nominal current

Statistical life expectancy: 15000 hours –continuous operation

Internal protection for each coil:

Self healing dielectric:

Internal Electrical fuse :( One per coil)

Over pressure disconnecting device (One per coil)

These three protection mechanisms associated with the under vacuum coated coils (Patented Technology) makes it a highly advanced unit.

Environment hazard:

No risk of fire and explosion

No PCB or impregnation liquid

Dielectric: Polypropylene film, Zinc metalized-(progressive film)

Test voltage/terminal-terminal: 3.10 Un, AC-10 seconds

Power connection: Internal connections completely welded and drowned under vacuum in the Resin. No risk of oxidization and therefore no contact resistance.

Mounting position: Any position-Totally dry-Liquid free.


Capacitors comply the following standards.

• French Standard-NF C54 108 & 109

• European Standard-EN 60831-1 & 2

• International Standard-IEC 60831 -1 & 2

• Canadian Standard- CSA 22-2 No.190

• US Standard- VL180

• End of life behavior tests passed successfully in EDF &

LCIC Laboratories.


ELTEC also offers medium voltage capacitors and capacitor banks. Medium voltage capacitors are of two types

  • "All-film" medium voltage capacitors
  • Capacitors for induction furnaces

Synthetic "all-film" type dielectric capacitors are composed of elementary or partial capacitances generally connected in several series-parallel groups, providing the required electrical characteristics for the unit.

  • The nominal voltage of a capacitor depends on the number of groups in series
  • The nominal power of a capacitor depends on the

number of partial capacitances in parallel per group

Synthetic "allfilm" type dielectric capacitors have a much longer service life, due to:

  • Their excellent thermal stability related to very low power losses, due to the removal of the paper
  • The remarkable chemical stability of the liquid dielectric, giving:

- A high partial discharge absorption


- High dielectric resistance to transient

over currents and over voltages

- A very low variation of capacitance as a

function of temperature Medium voltage CAPACITORS

Capacitors for induction furnaces are custom designed according to the requirements and characteristics of the installation

  • capacitors complying with standard IEC 60110
  • “All-film “dielectric
  • Biodegradable impregnating agent
  • With or without discharge resistor
  • Possible internal protection devices
  • Internal fuses
  • Pressure monitoring device
  • Thermostat
  • Frequency rnge:50Hz to 200KHz
  • Voltage range:50V to 3000V
  • Air or water cooled according to frequency
  • Multiple outputs possible

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