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Power Quality Audit

Modern power systems are highly complex, and to ensure reliable performance, require consideration of all issues, probable problems and their causes, and potential solutions. Our over ten years of experience in power and distribution system studies, and our extensive track record in working with customers and their power providers to identify and solve power system problems, makes us the people to call. The PQ Audit (power quality audit) can address all aspects of power quality. It focuses on common issues such as harmonic distortion, low voltage, voltage sags, wiring and grounding, and poor power factor. By carrying out the PQ Audit, you can identify potential problems, plan and take corrective measures, and prevent facility downtime, saving both time and money.

Benefits of Power Quality Audit

Preliminary review
Before performing an onsite survey, it is important to review your facility's power system performance. This preliminary analysis characterizes the problem, identifies important changes to the facility or to the electric supply system (equipment or wiring changes, modifications, etc.) that could be causing power quality problems, and helps determine a plan for the site survey. Staring from a conference call, this preliminary review sets the stage for the site survey. Thanks to our expertise, we can sometimes diagnose current or potential problems at this stage, thus reducing the need for or scope of the onsite survey and helping to focus attention where it is most needed.

Site survey & field measurements

The site survey is designed to gather information about the facility, power quality problems, and affected equipment. Examples of questions asked and information gathered during this site visit include:

  • What is the nature of the problem?
  • What are the characteristics of the sensitive equipment experiencing problems?
  • What are possible sources of power quality events within the facility?
  • Is power conditioning equipment being used and if so, what type?
  • How is your electrical system laid out?

Field measurements are completed in conjunction with the onsite power system and equipment inspection. The measurement quantities include dc drive line current, bus voltages, harmonic distortion levels, power factor and all electrical parameters. Standard reporting forms are used to document all information and measurements.

Technical Report

Following the preliminary review and site visit, we will prepare a technical report summarizing the findings of the audit. This report will include a summary of all of the information gathered, highlighted power system problems, a summary of field measurements, suggested solutions, and recommendations for follow-on power system monitoring or engineering analysis. This report introduces you to the scope and nature of any problems, and provides an excellent foundation for more analysis and effective power system design.

All at a Reasonable Cost

You get the entire PQ Audit package at a reasonable fixed price - no open-ended cost as with other professional services. Additional analytical or engineering services are available on a quotation basis.


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