Eltec International

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Low and Medium Voltage Capacitors

We offer capacitors which are totally dry units with no impregnation or insulation liquid and is a patented design. They are designed by assembling individual single-phase coils, coupled in a delta arrangement to obtain a three-phase unit.

We also offers medium voltage capacitors and capacitor banks. Medium voltage capacitors are of two types

  • "All-film" medium voltage capacitors
  • Capacitors for induction furnaces

Powe Quality Analyser
Our power quality analyzer continuously analyzes, characterize and record all the electrical values (powers, voltages, etc.) and anomalies encountered (harmonics, voltage dips, over voltages, etc.). These recordings are characterized in accordance with current standards (EN 50160, IEC 61000-4-30. etc.). Analyses over long periods (7 days minimum) will provide a true, meaningful picture of your electricity supply

Passive Filters

For installations subject to a high level of harmonic pollution, the user may be faced with a dual requirement:

• To compensate for the reactive energy and protect

the capacitors

• To reduce the harmonic distortion of the voltage to

values that are acceptable and compatible with correct

operation of most sensitive receivers (PLCs, industrial

computers, capacitors, etc.)

Active Filters

The State of the Art designed active filter offered by ELTEC measures level of current harmonic in supply line and eliminates it by generating the counter harmonics. The control and reduction of harmonics improves the power quality in multi-folds, making the electrical distribution system highest efficient. The power savings to the tune of 10 to 40% is possible, depending on the application

The active filter uses a PWM inverter, with associated capacitor and inductors. It is designed to inject harmonic currents in anti phase to those produced by other equipment on a network and hence reduces over all distortion

Harmonics Mitigation Transformers

Energy Efficient, Harmonic Mitigating Transformers with zero sequence flux cancellation and phase shifting technology is specifically designed to treat the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 15th, 17th and harmonics generated by non linear loads. Such devices are ideally suited for data centers banks, hospitals, call centers etc. The following are the various models offered